Our story

We’re a small studio nestled away in the Kent countryside.

Everyday we feel inspired by our environment which creates the perfect space for creative thinking.

Our studio is surrounded by rolling fields, picturesque views, the North Downs and historic buildings throughout our village.

It’s almost ‘Hollywood idyllic’.

We get a kick out of helping people achieve their dreams and seeing their vision in action – and that’s why we get up in the morning.

Driven by purpose.

We bring people, design and creativity together to craft memorable products

We provide a range of creative design solutions to small businesses, people who are just starting on their business adventure, and community groups and charities.

We are led with empathy – for our customer, for their customers and for people in general.

We use our skills, knowledge and creative thinking to improve our local community through our #DoGood corporate social responsibility programme.

Crafted with creativity.

We approach every project with our ‘studio crafted’ creative process which is designed to be simple but effective:

All of our work is shaped around three creative phases:

> Discover

> Develop

> Deliver

These creative phases are supported by a continuous cycle of testing, listening, learning and improving.

Our roots

We were created in 2017 by Michael Watts.

Our founder, Michael Watts

Michael has a burning desire to make the world better – and to help people & organisations transform to be the best versions of themselves.

Michael has years of experience in graphic design, website design and marketing. He is an optimist who 100% believes that if people work in a happier, more positive way, we can make the world around us better.

He is incredibly passionate about design. He is fascinated by how creative thinking can help make information easier to understand and how great design can take your breath away.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”
— Milton Glaser

This is everything that Michael aims for.