Website managed content service

One of the things we hear from many of our customers is that, as the founder or sole employee, they are usually tied up with the day-to-day stresses and strains of their business – and so they struggle to find the time to update their websites.

This inspired us to came up with a solution.

We have developed a website managed content service.

For a monthly fee, or ad-hoc payment, we will add any content to your website, quickly and efficiently, maintaining the same consistent look that you are looking for.

For some this is a regular monthly payment with regular updates. For others it will be once every few months.

Either way, we can help.

We shape our fees for this around your needs and budgets.

The Roebuck Package:

For a monthly contract we will set aside an agreed number of hours for an agreed monthly fee.

There is no contract length – just a month by month payment.

The Chegworth Package:
Ad-hoc requests

You can ask us to do bits and pieces as you need it.

This will be slightly more expensive but offers you the greatest flexibility.

The Goddington Package:
A yearly contract

For a yearly contract we will set aside an agreed number of hours for an agreed monthly fee across the whole year.

There is a 12 month contract length.

The costs?‡

The costs of each will depend on your needs:

  • how much you need us to do
  • what you need us to do


Get in touch with us today.

What we ask for

We ask for a 25% deposit after our initial meeting/discussion and prior to the design process. This helps pay for the bits we need to make your designs awesome.

‡ we offer a discount to anybody that is not making a profit (such as charities and small groups) as well as anyone living in the village of Harrietsham or within 3 miles of the village. This helps us give something back to our village and help the local economy grow.

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