Website domains

Your website domain is part of your branding.

It helps to communicate who you are.

We can register a wide selection of different domains for you – such as, .com, and

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the address that you type into your web browsers address bar to look at a website.

For example, the domain name:

Some companies may use more than one domain name for the same website, depending on the audience or marketing.

Our services

All our websites come with one domain name for the duration of your contract with us. Additional domain names are likely to have an additional fee – but we will tell you about that in our quote.

If you already own a domain name we can usually transfer that to the new website.


Even the biggest companies have fallen foul to forgetting to renew their domain names.

When this happens your website is no longer available and after a short period other people could secure your name.

For the length of your contract, we automatically renew your domain names on your behalf, safeguarding the name and ensuring continuous access to your website.

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