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In early 2017 we followed our own advice and sat down to write our own MOONSHOT:

we believe that by bringing together creativity, design and people we can make humanity better — and then we can use this energy and passion to inspire and spark change.

To help us achieve it, we identified six Bold Moves for Transformation that we had to take, and this page is the result of two of them –

1/ we will create a new product arm where our reach can touch a bigger audience and have a bigger impact on the world

2/ we will become more outward facing and share more of our working and thinking

So, to help live our own MOONSHOT, this page is our free offering to the world.

Our tools – free of charge

Alongside our facilitated MOONSHOT workshop sessions we have made our tools available to download for free. Yep, for free.

So go on, spark change and change the world.



We believe that people should do a job that lights a fire in them – to do this, it should be a job driven by their personal purpose. Complete the activities on our free tool *BELIEVATE to find your purpose and to identify three actions that you can take to bring your personal purpose into your work.

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A tool to help you transform your team, organisation or group for now & in the future. This tool will help you create a long-term destination for your business and a “Roadmap” to help you transform for now and the future.

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Keeping your team aligned, on task and up to date can be a challenge. teamsteps is designed to be a simple sheet to capture the key weekly activities and priorities for your team.

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TEAM lookout


TEAM lookout is a tool to help you understand and pull together a ‘team priorities plan’ created by your team for your team.

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TEAMGAUGE, check the pulse of your team’s engagement level.

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The Johari Window


A simple and useful tool for illustrating and improving your self-awareness.

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Need more help?


If you would like to talk to us about our facilitated workshops, find out more on our MOONSHOT Workshops page.