Product design

Simple. Clean. Elegant.

Our products are designed around a simple philosophy –
they need to be –

  • simple to use
  • clean in their design
  • elegantly presented

They need to convey the purpose of the product. They need to make sense to all their users. They need to be designed to make a positive impact.

Our products are designed to empower people to become the best versions of themselves.

Our services


We can help you with a range of marketing products.

For example:

Business cards

Standing out from the crowd and being memorable is essential for businesses to grow, attract new customers and stay in the thinking of potential users.

And that’s where our bespoke crafted business cards can help you.



Having something to hand out to potential clients is an essential marketing approach.
But how many times do the leaflets you are giving feel and look just, well, blurgh?

Our bespoke crafted leaflets can help you stand out.


Need something else?

We have a range of experience producing other products, such as:

× Annual reports × Canvas bags × Clothing × ID badges × Infographics × Lanyards × Mugs and cups × Photography × Printed products × Posters × Social media images × And much much more…

Get in touch today to see if we can help you.


Although we have fixed prices for some services that we offer, we personalise our prices for our product design depending on the needs of our customers and the work required.

We are honest and open in our pricing and giving you a personalised price for your needs means that we can do that for our products.

Get in touch today to see if we can help you.

What we ask for

We ask for a 25% deposit after our initial meeting/discussion and prior to the design process. This helps pay for the bits we need to make your designs awesome.

‡ We offer a discount to anybody that is not making a profit (such as charities and small groups) as well as anyone living in the village of Harrietsham or within 3 miles of the village. This helps us give something back to our village and help the local economy grow.