Swanky Portraits agreement and invoices

Hey Taaya,

This page pulls together the agreement details for the longer term project between Swanky and Burning Leaf.

This page also hosts the invoices for the project and allows you to pay using PayPal or your Debit/Credit card.


Summary of agreement

  • Approx 70 pages of current content (this counts each product as it’s own page).
  • Creation of new pages for FAQs, couples product, gift cards, etc.
  • Each page needs a few fundamentals tweaked, including looking at the breadcrumbs and page hierarchy.
  • Some pages will need a revamp and redesign.
  • Improving the SEO on the whole site and on each page individually.
  • Building in a few trusted & secure widgets/tools which can be used within the site to keep improving the user experience.
  • Making the process simpler for people to submit their photos when ordering.
  • Embedding your social feeds to keep the website updated with content.
  • Embedding your promo videos into the site.
  • Enriching the site with make more of your testimonials.
  • Support for developing a 6 month SEO campaign.



Latest invoice:

Invoice 2018SWA06 [PDF, 1 page]

Invoices paid:

PAID: Download Invoice 2018SWA05 [PDF, 1 page]

PAID: Download Invoice 2018SWA04 [PDF, 1 page]

PAID: Download Invoice 2018SWA03B [PDF, 1 page]

PAID: Download Invoice 2018SWA02 [PDF, 1 page]

PAID: Download Invoice 2018SWA01 [PDF, 1 page]

Online payment


You can use this to pay the monthly payments for the project


Can you confirm payment to us by e-mail? Just e-mail hello@burningleaf.co.uk with “Invoice 2018SWA05 paid” as the subject.