Dream Kickoff Bundle

We love working with small businesses and people who are just starting up their own business, charity or group.

In fact, this is what we specialise in.

To help you kickoff your dream, we offer a bundle of our products at reduced rates.

These rates are tailored to your needs as we know that every individual on the journey to achieve their dream and vision is different, and so, so are our solutions and prices.

Our Dream Kickoff Bundle can incorporate any of the following elements:

Brand design

× Colour scheme × Font scheme (typography) × Logo design


Product design

× Annual reports × Business cards × Infographics × Leaflets × Photography × Printed products × Posters × Social media images


Website design

× E-mail domains × Social media × Web design and hosting × Website domains × Website managed content service


Get in touch

Get in touch with us and allow us to use our passion and skills to craft something which will help you achieve your dream and vision.

What we ask for

We ask for a 25% deposit after our initial meeting/discussion and prior to the design process. This helps pay for the bits we need to make your designs awesome.

‡ we offer a discount to anybody that is not making a profit (such as charities and small groups) as well as anyone living in the village of Harrietsham or within 3 miles of the village. This helps us give something back to our village and help the local economy grow.