Project Oasis

For this project we worked with Steve to design him a new website for his independent cleaning equipment business, Oasis Contract Services.

Steve approached us following a recommendation from Judy (see Project JudyK) & asked us to create him a simple website that clearly advertised the range of services provided by Oasis Contract Services.

Read through our approach below to see how we worked with Steve to design, build & launch his new business website.

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Website design


To kickoff this project, we began by taking our time to look at some relevant competitor websites and the websites of the products that Oasis use. We admit, cleaning equipment is not something that we have a deep level of knowledge about, but we used this to our advantage.

It made us approach the project with open eyes. We were able to ask those questions and look into the details that we might not have done if we knew everything about the services. It also made sure that we approached the project and our designs as a potential customer.

Brand design

Oasis have a strong brand that is being developed by Steve, including a new logo, website domain idea and styling, so we didn’t need to look at changing that. Instead we used that as inspiration.

We looked at his current logo and used that as inspiration.

Here is the Oasis logo –


This became our first design guideline. We needed to design a website that was clean, simple and used his colour scheme.

The website design

A holding website

One of the first things we did was to create Steve a holding site. Steve was very clear that he wanted the website domain – so we brought that straight away.

He then told us that he was planning to put the website address on his van. So to ensure that his customers could see that he had a website at the address he was promoting – key to building trust and providing reassurance – we created a simple holding site whilst we built his full site.

The holding site consisted of just a single page with his contact details, an online form and a message to confirm that his full website was in development. His holding page looked like this –


The actual website

For the new full website we came up with a simple structure –

1/ services and prices – a breakdown of the range of services offered by Oasis with separate sub pages for each
2/ about us – a page to explain what the company is about and to emphasis that, although it is fairly new (5 years), it is built on over 30 years experience
3/ get in touch – making the telephone number, e-mail and a simple online contact form easy to see and use, with an embedded map to the company address too

We created a footer for every page that included the following items –

1/ contact details (with an embedded Google map)
2/ site map
3/ a link to Oasis’ details on the Companies House website to provide reassurance

In addition, we put the telephone number for Oasis in the header of every page.

You can view the Oasis Contract Services website at

Website images

We developed a number of unique images for the website.

We overlaid the images relevant to the topic on the page with a blue tint (the blue in the logo), and then combination of a darker blue, grey (the grey from the logo) and white triangles to create a set of unique images which fit within the Oasis brand.

Some of the images were:

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How does Project Oasis help us live OUR WHY?

OUR WHY is to use the power of creativity to make futures better today.

Steve created Oasis to offer a local, independent cleaning service which provides people with a personal touch that can meet all their cleaning equipment requirements.

We helped him put his WHY into action so that he can provide more local people with a personalised cleaning service that meets their needs.

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