User needs drive everything

Every part of our design work is focused on meeting a valid user need. Understand your users with our free #persona tool

Inspiring towards leadership

Read about our project working with Michael Watts to capture and share his top 10 lessons from his personal journey to becoming an inspirational leader

Project Nina

Read about our project working with Nina on her journey to starting her own independent consultancy. We delivered a personal brand including colour scheme, font scheme and logo, and then we used that to build her a website to bring it all to life. We also created a business e-mail and a free Self-Help Health Check product with her.

Project Andrea

Read about our project working with Andrea to redesign her existing website for her occupational therapy business, KentOT4Kids.

Logo design

Your brand is you. It’s often the first thing that people will see and experience about you.

Our logo designs bring together design skills, creative theory & skilful application

Colour palettes that fit you

Your colour palette forms a key part of your brand – and it has a powerful impact on your customers. We develop colour palettes that fit you – your personality, ‘voice’ and market.

Project Oasis

For this project we worked with Steve to design him a new website for his independent cleaning equipment business, Oasis Contract Services


We have recently taken our own advice and set out our own MOONSHOT. Find out more

Project See Them Rise

We’ve developed See Them Rise, a suite of free to use leadership development tools

Project JudyK

Read about our project where we worked with Judy to redesign her existing website for her new cake decorating business, JudyK Cakes, as well as to develop her a strong brand which would make her stand out in a crowded market place.