KentOT4Kids refresh

Hi Andrea,

This page pulls together the designs and ideas for the refresh of the KentOT4Kids website and a concept design for the modernisation of the KentOT4Kids logo to make it more digitally and print friendly.


Current website

The current website was launched in summer 2016.

It can be found at

Refreshed website

The refreshed website is designed to:

  1. display clearer on mobiles
  2. make a ‘wow’ impact for desktop views
  3. make more use of the photos of the work done by KentOT4Kids
  4. engage with the audience more

The proposed refreshed website can be found at

Please note: this is a stand alone design test website and cannot be found by the public. Any adverts on the site that you can see will be removed when it goes live.


Current logo

The current logo was designed using a purchased generic image. This means that there is limited flexibility with the design and also the risk that other companies will be using the same logo.

The current logo is provided below:

KentOT4Kids logo

Refreshed logo

The refreshed logo is designed to:

  1. modernise the design, but stick with the known brand
  2. be a ‘flatter’ design for both print and digital
  3. be a more flexible design for both print and digital
  4. bring together the brandmark (image) and the KentOT4Kids wording
  5. embrace the brightness and colours in the logo

The refreshed logo is provided below:


Additionally, the brandmark can be used on its own:


The logo can also be customised to offer greater flexibility for different occasions, such as:

1. A white logo and brandmark against dark coloured background –

2. A coloured logo, with white text, against dark coloured background –

KentOTKids_logo_primary (3).png

3. A black logo¬†and brandmark when needed –