FOBG logo designs

This page pulls together the latest designs for the Friends of Benenden Grange logo

The final version

Key downloads for the final version:

Branding board

I pull together the logo, brandmark, colours palette and typography (fonts). Start with me first.


Primary logo

This is the primary logo. This is the one you will use most of the time.

Primary logo, reversed

This is the primary logo, reversed.

This is the primary logo, reversed (white), on the colour palette background.

Stacked logo

This version may be used in instances where spatial constraints require a configuration of a more rectangular nature.


This is the brandmark (picture) from the logo in primary and reversed (white) formats.

Colour palette

There are three primary colours within the palette, with an additional accent colour.

The accent colour is used in quite small quantities to lift or to add punch.

Primary colour palette

Cherry blossom pink

  • hex #ffb7c5
  • rgb 255, 183, 197
  • CMYK 0, 28, 23, 0

Medium gray

  • hex #aaaaaa
  • rgb 170, 170, 170
  • CMYK 0, 0, 0, 33


  • hex #ffffff
  • rgb 255, 255, 255
  • CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0

Accent colour

Vivid raspberry

  • hex #fed185c
  • rgb 237, 24, 92
  • CMYK 0, 90, 61, 7


There are two typefaces (fonts) used within the logo:


Cinzel is the main typeface in the logo.

Noto Serif Italic

Noto Serif Italic is the main typeface in the logo.

Our journey together:


The logo designs below are concept designs V3, based on the following feedback received on V2 –

Feedback 1 –

V2.3 is my fav. I like the third one but I think it might be a bit too pink? I it possibly to add a bit of green in there? Maybe make the hearts a soft pastel green?

Feedback 2 –

V2.3 is my fav

So, we have taken V2.3 and developed that design into 5 further concepts:

Download a PDF of concept designs V3 [PDF]


The logo designs below are concept designs V2, based on feedback from Claire and Pat –

I quite like these 2 – maybe a combination??:

Perhaps the first one with the colour a lighter pink shade like the Grange logo shade and then with the font style and shade of the second one and (but keep the flower style from the first one just in lighter shade) and add the registered charity number?

I have used their feedback, along with ideas about keeping the links and ‘touch points’ with the new logo for The Grange:

Download a PDF of concept designs V2 [PDF]



The logo designs below were concept designs V1:

Download a PDF of concept designs V1 [PDF]

Got other ideas, comments or feedback?

Use this form to tell us –

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