Taking our own advice, setting out our own MOONSHOT

Back in 2017 we worked with our founder on a number of free leadership development tools as part of our See Them Rise project.

These tools are designed to create a workplace that is:

  • better for team members
  • better for team leaders
  • better for the company’s customers

They do that by giving individuals the skills, insight and knowledge they need to become the leaders that they want to follow.

Transforming for now and the future

One of the tools that we developed was MOONSHOT.

MOONSHOT is a tool to help you transform your team, organisation or group for now and in the future.

MOONSHOT helps individuals and teams create a long-term destination for their business and a “Roadmap” to help them transform for now and the future.

The tool encourages people to be ambitious, radical, and think hard about why they are here.

It helps them set out their moonshot.

Taking our own advice

In 207 we took our own advice and have set out own MOONSHOT.

We are a newish company driven by our purpose. But we are ambitious. We want to have a bigger, positive impact on the world. So we decided to set out our own MOONSHOT to help us transform, grow and have a bigger reach.

We have set our our MOONSHOT below:


We exist to use the power of creativity to make futures better today


We believe that by bringing together creativity, design and people we can make humanity better – and then we can use this energy and passion to inspire and spark change.

By providing our creativity and design solutions in a humancentric way we will have a positive, lasting impact on the world – we will make it better today and will pass the world on in a better condition to the next keepers in the future.


We will continue to live our WHY and let it shape everything that we do

We will create a new product arm where our reach can touch a bigger audience and have a bigger impact on the world

We will become a place where human beings come not just to do a job — but to build their life’s work

We will become more outward facing and share more of our working and thinking

We will be led with empathy — for our customers, for their customers and for humanity in general

We will learn from, be inspired by, and implement the lessons from the best — both in our field and outside of our field