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About us

We use the power of creativity to make futures better today

Our founder, MICHAEL WATTS

Our founder has a burning desire to make the world better – and to help people live their lives better.

He is an optimist who 100% believes that if people work in a happier, more positive way, we can make humanity & the world around us better.

And that’s why we were created.

We are a small studio nestled away in the Kent countryside surrounded by rolling fields, the North Downs and historic buildings throughout our village.

We use our skills, knowledge & energy to provide creative & design solutions to do good in the world. We want the ripple that we make to have a positive impact on humanity across the globe.

We tend to work with small businesses and people who are just starting up their own business, charity or group. In fact, this is what we specialise in.

We get a kick out of helping people achieve their dreams and see their vision in action – its why we get up in the morning.

To do this, we provide the following services:

In our day to day work, we work with individuals & organisations who believe that our solutions to their needs can help make the world a better place to be today. We combine our energy & passion to inspire & spark change.

Find out about our services

Our prices are simple, affordable and clear.

We also offer a discount to anybody that is not making a profit (such as charities and small groups) as well as anyone living in the village of Harrietsham or within 3 miles of the village. This helps us give something back to our village and help the local economy grow.

If you believe what we believe, & think that our creative & design solutions can help you, reach out to us and get in touch:

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