The story of our logo

When we develop a brand we understand your brand is you. It’s often the first thing that people will see and experience about you.

And that’s true for us too.

When we created our own logo we wanted to develop something which told people about us.

We use the power of creativity to make futures better today.

That’s why we exist. And that’s what we wanted our logo to reflect.

What’s in a shape?

We understand that the shape of a logo have a significant affect on how an individual reacts to it and the organisation it represents.

Circles, ovals and ellipses, for example, tend to project a positive emotional message. Using a circle in a logo can suggest community, friendship, love, relationships and unity.

Everything that we stand for – so we adopted a circle shape.


What’s in a font?

We also know that the choice of font has a significant impact on people.

Script fonts tend to be seen as care free and having a creative outlook. They are used to express creativity and emotions.

More of what we stand for – so we adopted a script font. In particular, we adopted a script font called Shadows Into Light.


Shadows Into Light is a clean, neat handwriting font which has a feminine feel with nice rounded edges and curves. It is perfect for adding a personalised touch – again, more things at our heart.

What’s in a colour?

The final element that can have an impact on people is colour.

Humans love colour.

Colour also plays a key role in logos. Colours convey messages, evoke emotions, and add brilliance to everyday things.

And this is where we designed a logo which gives us flexibility and allows our creativity to shine through. We adopted two main colours – black and white.

Simplicity. It’s what we love!

  • White is generally associated with purity, cleanliness, simplicity and naiveté
  • Black is a colour with a split personality. On the one hand it implies power and sophistication, but on the other hand it is associated with villainy and death [not something we stand for…!]

This is our logo:

But that’s where our creativity came in.

Our logo is actually designed as almost a blank template or canvas. This gives us great flexibility in how we use it, especially how we can combine our colours.

We can create different colours for particular projects or needs. Here are few we have created:

But we didn’t stop there. 

Our logo was also designed to allow us to tweak, stretch and add to it as we need to.

For example, we often tweak our logo for particular events, such as Children in Need, World Aids Day and Christmas:

Through all our use of our logo, we keep the fundamentals the same – hey, its us – but we use our creativity to tell a story.

Like what you see?

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