What we’ve been cooking

Over the past few months we have been busy in the background working with a couple of new clients, all of which have gone to us through personal recommendations.

Here’s a snippet:

Space 2 Be Me

We have worked with Space 2 Be Me as part of their transformation from M4S into their new charity.

We have:

  • Designed, developed and launched their new website (see www.space2beme.org.uk)
  • Provided several photography sessions for their marketing and promotional materials
  • Ran out MOONSHOT workshop to help them articulate yheir vision and values clearer 
  • Started a 3 month marketing campaign targeting their key audiences 

More on the different elements of this soon.

Visit www.space2beme.org.uk.

The Grange 

We have worked with The Grange (2016) Ltd as part of their transformation programme.

We have:

  • Designed their new branding
  • Designed their new logo 
  • Designed their new letterhead 

Aim High Agency

We have started a project to support a new business venture, Aim High Agency.

We are developing them a simple to use website which fits the vision of the company’s founder.

More on that soon. 

Can we help you?

If you think our creative approach can help you, get in touch.

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