User needs drive everything

Being a design studio, our approach is driven by a simple philosophy:

“The needs of the user are at the heart of all our decisions, thoughts and ideas”

Every part of our design work¬†should meet a valid user need. Whether that’s website designs, branding designs or product designs, all are driven by the user.

Users include everybody that comes into contact with our products – such as a website visit, seeing a logo, picking up a business card, and hearing someone talk about a company. We take all of these into account when we do our work.

To help us clearly set these out – for us and our customers – we use one of our tools, Persona. A persona is a representation of a particular audience segment for our services – including a website, product or brand.

What is a persona?

Personas are based on real users.

They help us and our customers understand who will actually be using the services that we create. They help us and our customers make key decisions on the design and functionality of our services during our design process.

Writing out the persona means that we can have conversations with our customers with a shared understanding of which segment of their market we are talking about.

Our tool

To help us live our MOONSHOT, we have made our tool available for you, for free Рdownload it below:


Download the Persona template: